CS Wonen
Nispensestraat 72
4701 CX Roosendaal

Tel: 0165-870000
Fax: 0165-554614
Mail: info@cswonen.nl


Based on the selection criteria that you have selected during your subscription to our website we acquire the best possible accommodation that meets your requirements. The next step is to take a tour with one of our agents that will answer every question you might have. It is of utmost importance that you feel comfortable, safe and secure in your new environment. There must be a click! When that’s the case we introduce you to the letter.

When both you and the letter manage to settle an agreement the final lease contract which is between you as the tenant and the letter will be drafted by CSwonen. When you have met all the obligations and signed the contract we are happy to congratulate you with your new accommodation!

Please note that in case of a successful mediation CSwonen charges:

  • Registration fee (for the tour)
  • A deposit of one month’s rent
  • Brokerage fee of month’s rent excl. VAT. (BTW)
  • Rent tokens of the first month’s rent